Sunday, May 12, 2013

Old Wooden Sewing Box Revamp

Last summer I found this old wooden sewing box at a garage sale for $5 but one of the handles was broken so she gave it to me for $4. It never hurts to ask for a deal! I recently started needing some extra storage for my new craft room and remembered this piece. I'm using the colors yellow, orange and pink in my craft room and I figure this is the best room where I can most enjoy the bright pops of color. I chose Painters Choice spray paint in sun yellow and as you can see I got a little happy with painting it before I remembered the before picture!

The remaining handle I just pulled right off with a set of pliers and then bought a set of silver drawer handles that I picked up at IKEA for less than $2.

The drawers were pretty dingy inside and even though I'm probably just going to fill these up with craft odds and ends, it's always nice to have a surprising detail inside. 

It may have taken a little while for me to put it to use, but if that's one thing I've found, you've got to strike while the deal is available!

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