Saturday, May 4, 2013

Pirate Piggybank

I tweaked the original idea I found here and instead of the skull and cross bones I painted the ship. I love making personalized piggy banks as gifts and they are much easier than you may think. If you look for stamps or print out a small version of the preschool coloring pages that I have mentioned before, you really just have to color them in. No shading or complicated brush strokes required! I often use stickers or stencils for the lettering and you could even use rub-on letters and then seal them. This was a plain ceramic piggy bank from Michael's.
 If you look closely you can also see I personalized the ship by adding his initials to the flags and in the bottom left of the boat, I put his birth date. I love any extra details you can add, beyond just their name, to make the gift (for someone else or for you!) especially their own.

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