Saturday, April 27, 2013

Baby Gift Basket and Ribbon Organizer

In putting together these baby gifts for a friend, I ended up using several types of ribbon. I know this has been all over Pinterest, but it took less than 5 minutes to do and has made my life easier (my main goal most days!). All you do is put your ribbon spools on a pants hanger. 
Then it's all right there - no more sorting through piles of ribbon spools, just pull the length you need, cut and back into the closet. Super easy! Even if you're not a huge crafter, this would be great for holiday or gift wrapping ribbons.

I love gift baskets - they are so much fun to put together and I love getting them too! I found a cute way to make the usual addition of diapers a little more fun. I took a pile and wrote little notes on them - some funny and some encouraged for those late night diaper changes. Some said things like:
*I'll sleep one day, I promise!
*You're doing a great job, Mommy (and one for Daddy)
*Sleep is over-rated
*Potty-training is not that far away :)
*I love you, I love you, I love you
I think they came out looking pretty darn cute! I originally thought of mixing them in between plain diapers, but didn't like a messy pile of diapers in the gift basket. So instead I chose a simple white bag.
I ran a ribbon through the top and then added a tag warning these were special "only after midnight" diapers
I got this basket at Michaels and I've used it before because I like the classic, neutral colors for either gender. Add in some diapers, diaper rash creme, soap, vapor bath, books, a small photo album, a sleep and play outfit and a lovey and we've got a fun welcome home baby gift! 

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