Sunday, April 14, 2013

Messy Fun Soap Cloud and EPIC fail soap cloud paint

Last weekend I decided to try the famed Ivory Soap Cloud that most of you have probably seen on many Pinterest posts. I cut the bar in half so each kid could have their own plate and then we gathered around the microwave to watch the magic. I've read instructions for this activity that recommended 2 minutes in the microwave, but our soap only needed about 30 seconds before it started to blow up into a huge fluffy cloud. 
Soap Cloud in the Microwave
Once the cloud comes out it is pretty warm so I would let it cool off for a couple of minutes, especially for little hands. As you can see, my little man loved playing in the fluff and making a big mess. 
Abby liked playing kitchen with the mixture
The more you stir and play, it turns into powder similar to artificial snow. While the kids had fun and I would do this again but I would definitely do the activity outside, because most of my kitchen surfaces had powder soap all over the place! This activity went pretty well but then I made the mistake of overachieving and trying to do a second project with the powder soap flakes. I found a pin on how to turn the leftover soap flakes into bath paint by putting a cup of the soap into a blender with boiling water. 
The instructions didn't say how much water to add so it was a guessing game of put in too much, then add more soap and try for the best. Unfortunately while the soap looked like the consistency of yogurt in the blender (as directed), once we poured the mixture in the muffin pan, the soap seemed to harden and was thick goop. We still added food coloring hoping that it would be usable and headed to the bath. 
By the time we had both kids in the bath, the "paint" was pretty much stuck in the pan. I had some leftover flakes and while my 4 year old was getting impatient waiting to paint, I gave them to her to play with. So of course she promptly took a huge handful and while trying to toss it in the air, paying no attention, she flings it right into my 20 month old's eyes! My husband instinctively wipes his face with wet hands making the situation worse. At this point both kids are crying - one because his eyes are full of soap flakes and the other because she's in trouble. After the dust settled, they still wanted back in the bath to play so we gave them 
the bath goop and this was what we got:

 In summary??

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