Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Shaving Cream Cleaning

I see all kinds of cleaning tips on Pinterest and I tend to be fairly skeptical of them. I think it's because I hate cleaning most of the time and don't want to bother having to do it twice, if this weird tip doesn't work. But after the shaving cream painting, I remembered a tip about cleaning bathroom mirrors with shaving cream and I figured we would give it a try. Plus any way that I could con  encourage the kids into cleaning by presenting it as a fun activity, I am all for that! 
We just squirted out shaving cream in 3 or 4 places and let the kids spread it all over the mirror with their hands. 

It was a complete mess and I was fairly doubtful that this was going to do much of anything other than entertain the kids for a few minutes, but we wiped it off with damp washcloths and it came out sparkling. The real bonus was the mirror doesn't fog when the bathroom and the bathroom smelled great! I don't know how long the defogging effect will last, but either way I will try this again. At the very least, it was a fun activity for the kids and my four year old loved having an important cleaning "job"!

It's tough to see our end result, but I was pretty happy!

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