Thursday, April 18, 2013

Just Be You Sign

As part of my ever growing "wall" of art for Abby's room (yes it will be finished eventually!) I found the inspiration for a room sign that was simple but the ultimate message I hope to send to my daughter. 
You could use any size of wood depending on how large you want the sign to be. I chose these pre-cut boards from Michael's that came in a pack of 5 and were the exact size I wanted. Otherwise all I needed was paint, ribbon and my handy dandy mod podge.
I was able to talk my daughter out of painting her room pink, but the exchange for that is lots of pink accents. I chose the ombre effect, but after looking at the last two pinks for a while, I later repainted them a slightly muted tones you see below. 
Transferring letters to wooden surfaces can be a pain with cutting out letters and tracing, but I found this technique and it is SO much simpler! All you do is print out the words you want in your chosen font. Then trace the words with a pen, giving a fair amount of pressure. 
When you lift the paper, the outlines are there clear as day and then you just color them in with paint. Easy!
The impressions are a little tough to see, but they are clearly there, even with the 3 panel where I used a glossy paint. I was worried the glossy finish would make it tough to see the outline, but there was no difference.

After painting it in with white paint and sealing with mod podge I used this twine like ribbon to give it a finishing touch. You could use a piece of wood to adhere the four panels to for hanging, but since my sign was so small, I just glued them to a small piece of cardboard and then made a hanging hook with a ribbon on the back. 

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