Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Framed Wall Art with Free Letter Prints

I love the look of found letters from signs and in objects, that are being used in lots of crafts recently. I found a wonderful flickr account that you can find here where the owner has put thousands of letters for FREE (my favorite word)! I wanted to include one on the infamous wall and I let my daughter choose which letter A she liked the best. She loved this one and while it wasn't my first choice, I sometimes have to remind myself to let her develop her own tastes instead of imposing mine on her. She liked the yellow and I thought a fun frame would complete the print. I actually found this cheap plastic frame at the dollar store and just covered the horrible "antique" silver finish with Rustoleum Painters Touch Sun Yellow. This was a quirky piece of art for the home and I spent about a dollar total, since I had the spray paint leftover from another project. I would love to do a larger frame with some of these letters to spell our our name or just a mixture of initials. This would also make an easy and unique gift for anyone, but the affordability might make it good for a teacher gift. 

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