Saturday, April 6, 2013

Drawer Organizers

I don't know about anyone else, but I have reorganized our main "junk drawer" over and over again. The problem I continue to run into is the drawer is so big and we usually toss so many small things into it, that they are always rolling around. Within a day or two of straightening, it's back to looking like this. I've seen people use boxes from snacks and cereals to make organizers, so I decided to give it a try. You could use lots of cute papers but I'm cheap and hated to waste my nice paper on a junk drawer that no one sees but my husband and me. Another blogger used wrapping paper, which I thought was a good alternative. Since tonight the University of Michigan is in the final four for basketball and my husband bleeds maize and blue, I chose this Michigan themed wrapping paper. He doesn't normally get to have sports stuff in many parts of our decor, so I gave in this one time :).
First I measured the depth of the drawer and cut all of my boxes to be the same height so that the different shapes, still looked uniform. I used some boxes lying around to be recycled including a pop tarts box and some packaging from a toy. Then it was time to wrap and cover in mod podge.
Ok here's where I confess cutting some corners. This box I did "properly by attaching the paper with mod podge, but nap time was running out quickly and so I just wrapped the other three like presents with glue stick on the inside of the paper. 
There were a few wrinkles, but I arranged the boxes to fit together fairly tight so there would be little room for things moving around. I would be more concerned about durability if they were being taken in an out of the drawer instead of just storing things, but I will update if this short cut falls apart (literally) in the near future!
It's a little hard to see how much better the drawer is since the busy pattern still leaves things looking a little hectic online. In person though it's much better and I was happy to have a good solution to a surprising source of irritation almost daily. Sometimes it's the small things that create so much unnecessary stress in our daily lives and I'm hoping to have more organization projects to show soon! All in all this took about an hour including drying time and only cost $1 (wrapping paper from the dollar store), so a pretty good use of nap time! Go  Blue!

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