Monday, April 1, 2013

Peeps Vase

Ok so I'm a little behind in getting this posting started since yesterday was Easter but I had to include this one for three reasons:

1) It is ridiculously easy. It took all of 5 minutes to put together and for the last few weeks, every time someone comes over to my house, they have a fit when they see it.  I'm a huge fan of anything that looks impressive but takes very little effort and money!

2) It's so stinking cute that I can't help but smile when I see it

3) I'm crazy intimidated by putting out this challenge to the whole population of the internets that I want to get credit for my efforts!

The only supplies I needed were two packages of bunny peeps, an old vase we had laying around and a small juice glass. This craft is particularly easy considering the unnatural nature of the peeps because I didn't even have to separate them or stack them. They came out in one big strip that I just set down in the vase and then repeated by placing the second package on top. Then you drop a small juice glass down in the bottom and add a few fresh flowers - whalah! I worried that the peeps would wilt or shift with time, but nope they are holding steady in their not from this world sugary strength. You may notice the white peeking through where they are pulled apart by the curve of the vase. You don't get this effect if you use a square vase, but I wanted a tall one and wasn't bothered enough by this to go buy a new vase. If you were doing this for a fancier event or are just more of a perfectionist than me, you could always touch them up with a bright yellow sharpie marker. I tried it out and it worked, but I was too lazy to fix them all :) 

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