Friday, April 26, 2013

Washcloth Bouquet for New Baby

This was a cute twist on taking a "bouquet" to the hospital. All you need are 6-12 washcloths to use as "flowers", scrapbook paper and ribbon. The thicker terrycloth washcloths don't work as well as the thinner ones made for infants. Since I didn't know the gender of the baby I had to get gender neutral cloths and there weren't that many, so my flowers were a little muted. 
Lay out the washcloth flat and roll it up evenly
Then pull the center of the rolled up edge up so it resembles the bud of a rose
As I was rolling them, I found it easiest to hold my "stems" together with a large elastic hair tie
Then you made a paper cone out of your chosen paper and place the bouquet inside. I lined the bouquet holder with green tissue paper to give it some extra color and shape
Then add a few pieces of paper between a couple of the cloths like leaves and finish with a bow. Much more useful than traditional flowers and easier to pack when the new parents leave the hospital! This would be a fun way to do a larger bouquet with hand towels for a bridal shower. 

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